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Originally Posted by Mustard3 View Post
Stop it Carl, you'll make me regret going from an M3 to a 335d!

You've summed it up pretty well, and it sounds like you've got a good 'un. They can vary in power output. Did you do a lot of searching to find the right one?

It's the handling & road holding I miss the most - gives you so much confidence.

I've watched a supercharged E46 M3 at the Pod at BMW day a couple of years back. Not as quick as you might expect, about 13s / 110 if i remember correctly.

How do you find the LSD, or did you have it on your 335d? I know you got good 60' times in it. Is it a keeper or will you get that itch that needs scratching again soon - bit hard to know what to replace it with tho, for sensible money!

Mustard mate, thats one thing I forgot to mention but really did want to..

The LSD is superb. I did not have one in the 335d, but did enjoy my sideways action.

Its just so much easier in the M3, so predictable... So easily to control. It feels so more stable when going sideways, and does not bite like the 335d used to. The 335d would sometimes spin one wheel or both together, then unless you were really careful it would bite.

The M3 goes sideways as if its natural. minimal body movement, and can be balanced so well on the throttle.

I did a lot of research mate yes, but that does not garauntee you a strong engine.

I fall in love with my cars mate, I don't change often. I had the 335d for nearly 3 years. The 318is coupe before that for 3 years.

I think Ill keep this a while, if not try keep it forever and use it just a track toy in a few years.

That SC M3 you saw must have had a pony driver.
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