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Couple things.
for late model cars with the NFRM (FRM3) module. You have a line in CAS, FH_Komfort_MIT_Subst.

This needs to be set to aktiv along with the NFRM item. That should fix the folding mirrors and did on my 2010 1 series.

Closing the top of any late model convertible without comfort access is impossible. (FRM3 cars with CVM or CTM) I have scoured my own car's top module and tested entries that most folks have no idea about. (the values are things like wert_01, wert_02, etc) and what I found is that you can control window functions, interior button behavior, and remote control lowering of the roof. There is no specific setting anymore that allows raising of the roof. Believe me, I have tested every possible entry using NCSExpert and NCSDummy (to locate possible entry values) The answer, if it is really important to folks, is to install a Smarttop controller. They run over $300, but show up on Ebay for around $280. I chose not to install the Smarttop controller because I normally raise my roof whilst backing into a parking spot or letting the car idle down for a minute. I love the key fob roof lowering, and use it a lot.

Hope this helps folks. Feel free to PM me with questions!