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Originally Posted by e90fun View Post
I always farm act 3 elites by kiting them to a spot, dying by them, then respawning far away with a gap between us and shoot them from there and tey just glitch up.

sort of like the mephisto moat trick back in the day..

it may be that time..
Heh, I did the moat trick all the time....Blizz him down real fast! The spot you are talking about, is it on the steps and you cast down to the level they are at? I think I saw a video on it. Tried it but was too slow. I just run though there, buff up to x5 NV, and kill Azmo, but since they are gonna nerf boss runs.....that's pointless too.

Originally Posted by Ammonia View Post
Rerolled a wizard few days ago. Can't be f*cked trying to massively overgear my barb just to barely be able to do act 4. Maybe when 1.03 hits I'll pick him up again, but for now, mr. hairy angry man will sit back and enjoy the scenery while my much less masculine wizard fires lasers from his eyes and obliterates 203948230949823849023 monsters at once.

And my GOD, is it so much fun. Syndicate, I now know why you enjoy playing hahaha man wizards are fun.
Yea Wizards are so much fun! I've played all the ranged DPS and still find the Wiz to be the most fun to play. DH is fun too, but I find the DH to be squishier. Once you play them all, you quickly realize all their skills are very similar, just different graphics.
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