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Only the hood? Wow. I find that hard to believe. Are all of your dents on flat surfaces? Those M3 CF roofs are hella expensive, too (especially labor since roofs have to be cut/welded off) :/ Hope you don't end up going out of pocket too much. I know insurance can be slow to pay for adjusted claims.

Also, I believe Allstate recently purchased Esurance so I would be wary if this is the case. I have not been pleased with Allstate at all. So far their only saving grace has been that customer service has been friendly and considerate when you can actually get someone on the phone (then again, that's kind of their job). I had Nationwide a few years ago and they are absolute crap. Just horrible in every way, so it could be worse I guess.
I'm sure the trunk and some other panels will have to be replaced. I just don't see how some of the dents can be repaired. My only out of pocket will be the deductible. Progressive also covered the clear bra that I have on the entire front hood - so that's good.

I've been having to wait an hour on hold for Progressive each time. My friend, with Esurance, was able to have someone look at his car on Friday and provide an estimate.

I didn't want to have only the glass replaced because its everywhere in the car. I think the only way to properly clean it all up is if the body shop takes apart the back and pulls the seats out - but I'm sure they'll still do it once your car gets in the shop.
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