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Thanks for the DIY. I just did this DIY last night with the same castrol multi-vehicle ATF.

Unfortunately my car no longer up-shifts very well from gear 3-4. It feels like it slips for half a second especially when the car is cold. The gear shift between 3-4 gets better as the car/transmission warms up. All the other gears shift as they did before which is a good thing. Downshifting from 5-4 has no problems at all

Im not sure what the problem could be. I got ~5 liters back in the tranny while filling using the instructions given in this DIY. Could it be that my transmission fluid is a little low/too high? or that the castrol ATF is not mixing well with the oem fluid.

BTW my e92 335i has 60,000 miles on it and had no tranny problems prior to changing the fluid. I did this DIY because my mechatronic sleeve was leaking.

Any help or suggestions would be great
I will repost once I figure out the problem