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Originally Posted by M3Boston View Post
Yep, I think the only product they sell, that is good, is the angel eyes
Kind of true!! I bought a pair of headlights from them back in February. They came in the mail a week later. Not bad on getting the headlights to me. Opened the box and saw that one of the headlights had fallen off inside the unit so it just rattles around inside. So i called them the day i got it saying that i recieved it broken they said to ship it back and they will fix it. Well after countless calls and emails to them I finally get them to ship it back to me. Well this is where it goes bad! So instead of them sending the new fixed headlight to me they send it to the wrong customer. That customer holds onto my headlight for a month demanding his headlights that the company was supposed to send him. So he holds mine ransom until he gets his. Finally he gets his correct headlights to him. For a week we had to call the owner of Umnitza, Matt to get the guy to ship me my headlight and he finally does.

Well today(after 4 months of waiting) my headlight that was originally broken is now back at my house to only find out when I open the box that they actually didn't fix the headlight at all and its still broken. So now I have insisted that i get refunded for the product.