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Originally Posted by zj16 View Post
my 2011 e90 had it 1st service at 17,000 miles and service advisor told me that I need a 4 wheel alignment. would it be possible that soon I need the alignment? my ram had its alignment when its 45k+ miles, I'm a moderate driver and the car never hit any pothole. thus someone here had its alignment that soon.
Alignments are maintenance, not a repair. Lots of cars come from the factory needing an alignment.

Yes, it's possible that the dealership is just trying to soak you, but it's also perfectly reasonable that you may need one. Ask them how they know - they'll probably say tire wear. Ask to see the abnormal tire wear and then you should have your proof of their intentions. In a performance oriented car, I usually end up with alignments every 18 months or so