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I just emailed everyone the payment info. Will, please give us an update once all deposits are received!

I'm sure that most of you guys already know this, but just in case here is a few reminders of things to check before heading in for a tune.

Unless you're plugs are VERY NEW, i would go ahead and change them. Most of us will be traveling to get this done, last thing you want is to start misfiring and not be able to complete the tune. I would also suggest having atleast 2 spare coils on hand, unless you recently replaced them.

Do a general wellness check, top off fluids, make sure you got some good tread on the tires.

If you plan on doing any E85/93 blended maps, i would suggest getting a 5 gal gas can and buying the E85 from your local source and bring it with you to blend at the shop/dyno. I havent checked to see if any E85 pumps are local to PRS, but since the ethanol content can vary depending on the gas station, its good practice to get tuned on what YOU will be putting in your tank.

If you plan on getting tuned on racegas, either source some yourself and bring it with, or contact Will as he has resources available in town. Same goes for Meth.

Log your WG duty cycle, try to make sure you have no boost leaks. Tracking down boost leaks during tuning is tedious and very time consuming. I cant speak directly for PRS, but most tuners/shops will spend SOME effort tracking them down, but in the end, they are being payed to tune your car, not fix your mechanical problems.

Last but not least, dont forget to bring your AP
Also not a bad idea to bring your laptop, and a fresh pair of undies for the ride home