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Hey Sub. Yeah what xenon said. If you're up for it, the 2 bolts are in the back of the caliper. Real easy job. Looking at 10 mins max to take the assembly apart. Best way to eliminate any trapped grit affecting the set up. It is however more than likely you may need a new pads. After you rectify the problem.

If you're not willing to get your hands dirty.... On sunday after work after months of clicking noise coming fromt he front left. I took the car into kwik fit, to check all the bushes and brake assembly. They found no faults with bushes or control arms, and concluded that the clicking was coming from the front left. The chap took the brake assembly apart, swapped over the tension clip and greased the side hooks of both pads and tightened everything up. Long story I know.

But point being. He didnt charge me a penny. Noise gone, I slipped him a cheeky tenner.

Good luck bud.

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