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Some advice needed please

Hi all. I hoped i would be able to sort this out myself but its really dragging on now so here goes.

The missus and i bought a 04 plate bmw x3 2.5 back at the start of january from a garage just outside manchester. We live in fife so it was a little bit of a trek but the car looked great and the salesman was great over the phone and during the sale. Anyway we picked the car up paid our 8500 and headed on our merry way. Within the 1st week we had the engine management light come on but the car drove fine. Next day it was gone and all seemed well, every now and then we would get the same light but no difference in performance. Then after about a month we were going along the motorway and the car lit up like a christmas tree, into limp mode it went into the hard shoulder we went. Turned off gave it 5 started again and all was fine? The car drove well for another month but its the first car we had without warranty and it was making us nervous.

So as i was getting itchy for a new car again i decided to call the garage back and see if they would buy it back from us, they offered to resell the car on our behalf for the sum of 500 quid and would advertise at 8500 again, perfect i thought no hassle for me trying too sell. A couple of weeks went by and the car had a few serious buyers so i drove the car to manchester left it with them being told it was 99% sold and id have my money by next week. Oh during that 2 weeks of being up for sale the sales guy thought we should maybe drop the price too 8000, 7500 to me just because i wanted shot of it.When i dropped the car off im told the guy buying it wanted a little discount so 7350 would be coming to me, now i hate being put on the spot so just agreed but not really what i wanted to hear. So new customer liked and bought the car off he went and im promised my money is coming.

Anyway a few weeks past and lots of sleep lost, plenty phone calls chasing them still no money. Eventually i get a call from them saying the customer has brought the car back as it had engine fault light, exactly what i had. At this point im told that the 2 month warranty they had given me at point of sale which i was never told about had run out by 2 weeks. I explained that during my short ownership i had the same fault but you never told me about any warranty or i would of called and have you repair it. They wanted too transfer 7000 and keep 350 for the repair. I was very upset but had no choice. They gave me the 7000 and promised that the balance would be sorted out once they knew what was wrong.

Anyway that was in march i gave them the car back after just over 2 months ownership, ive called the garage so many times its unreal they just keep telling me we will get it sorted and call you back. The salesman that dealt with me is too ashamed too talk to me now and feels terrible for how we have been treated. On one occasion of calling i lost my temper and finally got to speak to the boss who really doesnt seem like he wants too help during that conversation he stated that they actually did sell the car for 8000 so they had lied to me about that. I got the usual once they get the car fixed theyll sort out my money but i could get a chance too tell him they agreed 500 commision and not 650!. Since we bought the car and sold it back we are down 1500 pound.

I really dont know what to do, we just want our 500 to make it 7500 as was agreed and i can get on with our lifes!

I hope this makes sense cause ive lost the plot with it myself

Cheers guys