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Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post
Great little review there Carlost. I have always liked the E46 M3, it just doesn't look dated to me. There are some bargains out there too. I came close to getting one a couple of years back, a silver cab. It would definately appear on my wanted list if I had the space and money to run half a dozen cars. A sapphire black cab with red or kiwi leather.
Cheers Petay!!! I personally couldn't do the ''drop top'' version, 1.5 seconds slower to 100mph puts it in standard 335d territory LOL..

I agree, it does not look dated. It must look pretty special by the amount of looks it gets.

Originally Posted by willhollin View Post
Nice review CANT!
Cheers Homo

Originally Posted by Dannyrado View Post
Shut up Carl. The last thing i need is more people chasing them...
HAHA LOL, don't worry mate you will find the ''Right'' one!! You will love it

Originally Posted by chrisbin View Post
Nice write up Carl! You sure you didn't get palmnuts to do it for you??

Lovely car and glad its making you happy!

Cheers, Yeah thanks palmnuts!!!

Originally Posted by Cyprio View Post
Interesting review mate, and nicely articulated.

Cheers Dudey!!

Originally Posted by The_Bear_Yid View Post
Nice review. Apart from the low down grunt, is there anything else you miss from the d?

I've thought about an E46 M3 but not sure if I'd be happy with the slightly older looking dash and interior. I have a friend who has a E46 325i and preferred my interior. I wasn't keen on the cup holders for example. I know this sounds fussy but it's what you see the most of the car.

Total BMW had a review about buying one, saying they're £6k bargains (although they say to spend about £10k) but what they did say is to avoid red lining them?

I think finding an un-abused example could well turn in to a full time job in its self these days.
I am a boost junkie, so I do miss the ''Shove'' from the Epic D, but thats all I really miss. It was a great car when new. But now it would be 5 years old itself.

Funny you should mention the dash and interior. In my opinion its far stylish than the newer interiors. I love the Dash curve myself, it does feel like your in a sports car what with the vents, Sat-Nav/TV & all controls facing the pilot. Mine does not have cup holders.

6K M3's currently are not worth a wank. They are piss poor with little history, lots of owners and many things in need of repair.

10k can get you a nice car for sure. Never heard anything about not red-lining them?! They make maximum power at 8k, shift any less and you will lose some ponies. I take mine to the MAX baby!!

Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
Thanks for the write-up Carlos, good to hear the love story is continuing.

Like Pete, I've nearly bought an M3 Cab on a few occassions, but never taken the plunge but it certainly is still a highly desireable car even after all these years.
Yeah mate, As-long as you don't mind driving em hard, they are very rewarding!!
The RASP must sound ace in a cab!!!

Originally Posted by chrisbin View Post
True, true.....but it was a bit too factual for Mr Fandango.....
Too factual? Everything I say is factual. Did you mean something else?

Originally Posted by rich1068 View Post
They are a very nice car. Good write up.

This is the one I was looking after while my mate was on his honeymoon

Cheers Rich!

Originally Posted by Awfully_Polite View Post
Nice write up, and lovely car too.
Cheers AP!

Originally Posted by sheps View Post
Good skills Carlos - great write-up.
Your car looks great and it sounds like you've got a good one - what are your mod plans?
I look at CSL's almost daily; if for any reason I got out of the C63 then I'd be seriously tempted to take the plunge.
Thanks Si, in regards to mod plans, I REALLY AIN'T sure. I think the car looks great as it is. Needs a slight drop, but I will not do just springs and coilovers is a waste of a 1k in my opinion.

Re-map maybe, also exhaust?

CSL's are the nuts, 30k for a good one!!

Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
Great write-up DXB. Very nice car indeed - I love the E46 M3.
However, I cant help thinking that you are "short changed" with this engine with not having so much low down grunt. I don’t doubt it’s a fantastic engine and a quick car, but driving it normally gives me the impression its just like driving a 2.0 engine until you floor it and all hell lets lose as opposed to "value for money" high torque engines where you get the power all through the rev range…..(I’m only talking metaphorically speaking here - not real cash )

Your right mate, it is very placid at low speed. But it also ''feels'' so much like a sports car. It feels like it has so much in waiting..

It does not drive quite like a V-tec, it is all top end heavy yes... but its so linear and progressive in its build up. You can really lean on that long rev-range if you wanted to. If being lazy from tight turns leave it third and it will pull from 2k-8k constantly building like a Crescendo which is fun... For flat out denzil beating performance it does need to be ''Worked'' hard, drop into its 5-8k band and its power delivery is electrifying!!!!

I mean at 60mph cruising on a D/C you really need to drop to at least 3rd.. Or even 2nd if your just under 60mph for instant acceleration.

0-100mph in low 11's ain't to be sniffed at

Going back to the every day town driving. You do feel like your driving a proper performance car. It is RAW, far rawer than my E92 335D. It feels like a restrained animal in BMW disguise.. Not as refined as a NON M Bmw at all.

I just hope you can unerstand what I mean.

Its not just the 340HP and acceleration, its the ///M LSD diff, the way it puts the power down, the effortless controllable slides. (Doesn't eat tyres either). Turn up the wick and its a very quick A-B car for sure.
997.2 GT3