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Originally Posted by SVO View Post
Well, the MS-8 was installed in an E90 as an initial proving system before it was available on the market, if I recall correctly. That fabled set-up with stock drivers supposedly won an SQ comp. Love to know exactly what that set-up was so I could at least imitate it, even if it required me to dump the sub.
Over on DIYMA there is a JBL rep in the main MS-8 thread. He was involved from the start of the product and implies it was not tested in BMWs -- but that over time they have some best practices that have been developed and with a stock system, I can see where it would be an improvement.

He has posted his ideal setup for the MS-8 in a BMW in that thread.

The challenges (and some workaround successes) in working with BMW systems with an added aftermarket sub are well documented here, and there. It can be done, but it's far from plug and play (unfortunately -- since that is one of the selling points of the MS-8, no professional help should be needed, but is needed, when using it with an aftermarket sub in a BMW).
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