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The article remains speculation but conforms to the original strategy of M-One and M-Two. BMW are not committing themselves to a high end sports car at the current time because they are developing the i8, itself a new breed of sustainable sports car which will come in Coupe and Spyder variants and give the i8 the opportunity to rewrite the sports car rules .
The i8 will possibly be one of the most (or perhaps) the most revolutionary BMW yet. There is absolutely nothing else like it and that will be its main selling point.

The i8 is BMW's only sports car in actual development at the current time. But M-One and M-Two remains in discussion and creativity only.
Any movement on M-One or M-Two will resolve after BMW's implemetation of CFRP in a mass volume production scenario an opportunity that will give BMW a very significant advantage over established competitors in cost effective CFRP production.

Super Sports cars do not make money and currently it is not the right time to do so. BMWi is of course a full programme which contains more than just cars so that is a significant investment.
BMW are currently focused on profitability and expansion with such cars such as the 3er GT , 4er Gran Coupe , BMW X vehicles including the X2 and X4 and new models for the high end premium market. Also the combined MINI/BMW UKL family which will allow MINI to become more profitable , whilst allowing BMW to enter the growing premium city car market.
These models for expansion to the BMW portfolio are models that will not only increase sales but also profitability and stability to the BMW Group.
That is the main priority at the current time.
Step 1.