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Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
Any trade seller needs to give you at least three months warranty so the two month thing is rubbish.

Well worded polite and very detailed letter is needed. Let them know you have loads of detail, give them 7 days to pay or you instigate a case through small claims court. It's a simple process.
Thanks for the advice mate, thats what i was thinking about doing next. I have no clue if i have any legal rights but i guess it could come down to my word against theres. They are meant to phone me this week as it had been to the main dealer to be diagnosed then they were waiting on the part. Its just a shame its come down to this as they were great through the buying process, they have a good stock of high end cars also and the boss is clearly minted! 500 quid is pocket money to him which he actually said over the phone but its a lot of money to me.