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Originally Posted by SoCali E90 View Post

This is the 638276th time this has been rumored and frankly its just starting to sound like a broken record...

attention (Achtung!) BMW headquarters: your too late in the game. Instead of coming out with special colored M3's and M5's, IS models, blue brakes with M stickers on them and the sort, you should have had a special/super car years ago! Mercedes has the SLS, and is already in the works with the black series model and special electric version along with the SLS-cabrio last fall, and before anyone starts throwing out "weight", "numbers", "naturally aspirated" its all blah blah blah and doest matter cause your not buying it, people are buying it cause its special.
Audi has already produced SIX different variants of the beautiful R8!!! SIX!!!!! and BMW is still trying to get a super car out the door!!!???... I got a tiny violin id like to ship to germany to see if they'll play it in thier boardroom.
sorry for the rant.
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