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Auto transmission slipping. I'm opening it up. Advice?

I'm going to crack open my 6HP19 tranny this weekend so would appreciate advice. I've been experiencing slip from 1-2 and 2-3, i.e. the engine revs between gears. As others with this issue have reported, the tranny does better under heavy load and when warm. No rough shifting, just slip under light load. And I have under 30k miles, dangit.

Leaking Mechatronics Sleeve is well know. Mine leaks so I'm replacing.

Dealer parts guy also said they change the Mechatronics Seal Adapter (on top of mechatronics assembly) fairly often, confirming what zigsman has posted elsewhere, but the parts guy didn't convey much confidence. I figure I'll replace it since I'm in there anyway.

So My plan is to replace the Sleeve, Seal Adapter, Filter/Pan, and top off with 6L of Pentosin ATF-1.

Anything else I should consider given the symptoms since I'm going to be in there?

Anyone know how to tell if the fiber clutches are worn, or does that take a lot more disassembly?

Thanks for help.