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Originally Posted by jntar
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When I talked to the guys over at Nitrous Express they sell the Meth kits for the N52, and the sell a sweet Nitrous kit for the N52. The HP you will gain from meth is not worth it. You would better off running a 50-75 shot of nitrous. I know a few people that have run the nitrous and have not had any problems. That is what I'm looking at doing is nitrous instead of the meth kit after I looked into the gains of a meth kit.
I got the kit for free, I am mechanically inclined, and already own the AA Simon tool. There is no out of pocket for me here. A nitrous kit is not worth the short duration for me. I do not drag race my car.

Sorry didn't see the free part. Hopefully AA can come up with something. Keep us posted, im really wondering how much AA can push out of our cars with the
Meth kit. I think a meth kit should last you about a month, if I recall correctly when I talked to my service friends. That would be really cool if you could get like 20hp or something out of it.
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