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Originally Posted by Kayani_1 View Post
A front wheel drive Camry based E350 does not compete against Rear wheel drive 535i. It is the RWD GS350 that competes against the 535i. Two totally different cars built for two different purposes.

The price difference between ES350 vs GS 350 is appx. $10K with ES starting at $36K and GS starting at 46K.
I believe you're confusing the Mercedes E350 with the ES350 from Lexus. Either way you're right though, the GS350, 535i, and E350 are all direct competitor.

However the gap between the three cars are actually quite wide starting with the Lexus at $46,900 to $52,500 with the BMW. The Mercedes is in the middle but in my experience Mercedes dealerships are the most willing out of the three to give steep discounts and incentives. I'm not sure if they still have this promotion but in the past they had a "conquest program" where they give you a minimum of $1k off on top of what you've already negotiated just by showing proof that you owned a car from one of their competitor.