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technic harness and new speaker wire install questions

I'm upgrading my base stereo system to an MS-8 and Jehnert Flatline speakers. I am also adding a center channel. I am running new wires for the 8" woofers under the seat as well as adding dedicated speaker wires for the mids in the door. I'll be placing the crossovers in the trunk of the car to avoid damage from the door constantly opening and closing.

I've been prepping my car for the install as everything is arriving at different times this week. I've actually all ready installed the center channel. So I've taken out the glove box, rear seats, trunk liner and also the trim pieces along the running board of the car.

My question is this, I noticed the rather large power cable running from the battery to the front of the car alongside the right side (passenger's side) of the car. I initially thought I would run the majority of the cables down the right side, through the glove box, and behind the HU. Except of course the speaker wire for the door which would part ways at the front door and the left side speaker wires.

That doesn't seem to make sense anymore as I think you would get a lot of potential noise from the power line. The excellent DIY by MW3m3R talks about taking the cables down the passenger side but he of course has the steering wheel on the right and the passenger side on the left.

Are most people running the wires down the left side? If so where are you crossing over to reach the HU? It seems like under the steering wheel would be a hassle. Is it possible to run it across under the driver's seat and through the center console? What about the right side speaker wires? I was also just thinking of crossing them over from the left side.

Also do you separate the switched power line from Technic's harness and run it down the right side? I am also a bit confused about the switched power line and powering the amp. It's not clear to me, do I also need to connect the MS-8 directly to the battery, fused of course?

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