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Originally Posted by tcw View Post
Well I bought my CIC from ebay from a guy who was putting his car back to stock to sell (CCC) and it came with this emulator. Also judging from their website I doubt they will stand behind their product and I don't have a purchase receipt for it (outside of ebay.)

As for whether or not the capacitors work... it has flickered once since then which is a big improvement, but I am going to just keep an eye on it for the time being. If need be I guess I could solder on 2 more capacitors in parallel, but we will see.
The screen flickering can be caused by the CAN module you installed and looking at the picture you posted that seems to be the case.
However in general there might be other reasons why one could have this issue, so if this does not stop even after changing the module you might need some professional help to get this sorted out.

I hope these two capacitors will do the trick for you... good luck!