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Originally Posted by velkin View Post
diamondbimmer92, it is reasonable that a yellow light would warn about the impending service. The red light would say do it now, like a worn pad sensor.
I wonder if anyone knows how much warning would a yellow indicator give. As I described in the first post, the closest thing in the service intervals was the brake fluid change in July. I reset it and it shows June 2014 now. The yellow BRAKE indicator lights up anyway. The Check Control shows a car on the lift.
The next indicated service is 4,100 miles to the front brakes. It seems like a long warning, as many people would drive 6 months to make the 4.1K.
Perhaps resetting the fluid change is not enough? Perhaps some sensor needs to be reset? I could not find an answer to that on the forum.
Resetting the fluid change will not affect removing the yellow indicator for replacing your front pads. If you really want to remove the yellow warning for the front pads, you need to reset your CBS for the front brake pads. I'm not sure if doing that is effective though. Since the yellow warning has already lit up, from what I understand, the CBS will not reset for the front brake pads. If you reset your CBS before the yellow warning, your CBS will reset to a mileage somewhere around 50K as it thinks you installed new pads. So you probably wouldn't want to do that.

Regarding 4.1K being a long warning, I wouldn't worry too much about that. I don't believe the CBS actually knows how much brake pad thickness you really have. I believe it is merely an estimate based on the expected life of the pads when they were new. I really don't even know if when the light is red meaning to change the pads now, if that means you have minimum pad material left. I think the red light merely indicates that your 4.1K yellow warning is running low.

If you really want to know how much pad thickness you have left, you need to do a visual inspection or have someone else do it for you. The eyes don't lie although a crooked mechanic can lie about the need to replace pads.

I'm convinced that the CBS cannot determine the condition of what it is supposed to monitor. It doesn't know your brake pad thickness, it doesn't know if your cabin air filter is plugged, it doesn't know if your brake fluid is contaminated, it doesn't know if your spark plugs are fouled. It appears that it is nothing much more than an electronic note pad that counts down 2 years for a brake fluid change, 100K for spark plugs, 50K for brake pads, 2 years for cabin air filter, etc.