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Originally Posted by StretchNpoke View Post
omgah...prostalker!!! ya thats prolly me. I work down there and always patrolling brookhurst lol. What car were you in and are you good looking or kinda normal like a 6 out of 10? so next time i see you i can be like haaaayyy. I dont have any recent photos of my car or anything professional "propa" if you will....cause im shy lolol. If you search LTBMW youll find many nice bmws in here that came from that shop with "propa" photos. Just a lil fyi if you see any thread titles with "plastidip" do not ...i repeat do not go in there. Im afraid youll find some of the things ppl do with their bmw's in here and go tell your homies then you guys will have a field day on fb trashing bmw guys haha.

The wheels are WORK brombachers....btw you made an account and first post to find me on here? im not sure if i should be worried or eat fried chicken.
Lol don't worry, I was gonna ask you but you were too far ahead. And I'm not usually in the area, I'm a guy btw

I found you by accident, I had to make an account to ask you lol. I had a feeling they were brombacher. I was gonna buy those wheels but they didn't clear my bbk :-(

What are your specs? Where are you most of time