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Originally Posted by velkin View Post
How does one know that the yellow BRAKE warning is for the front pads. It never told me so. Only a yellow car on the lift when starting an a yellow BRAKE warning constantly on. That is why I figured that it perhaps the fluid change sinse it was close. The pads still have some life left.
I would use the CBS to verify which brake pads (front or rear) show the earliest mileage before needing to be changed. But in reality, the CBS doesn't really know how much brake pad you have left. When it says 4K life left, it just means it thinks that you wore out the pads based on the expected mileage life of the pad. To determine pad thickness, you need to look at the pads or measure them.

If your brake fluid needed to be changed, you would get a brake fluid service needed indication on your CBS. The brake fluid doesn't give you a warning, just when the 2 years are up since the last fluid change.