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Originally Posted by ejazbmw
OKC is going through what the heat did, they don't have that 3rd guy to step up. I think its fine when KD or westbrook dominate a game but harden or someone else has to give them 15-20pts. The heat have bosh back and sometimes its not even him who gives them that 15-20pts RIO or battier have been stepping up as of late.
No. That's not the problem. OKC has no post players. They are a jump shooting team. You can't win championship completely relying on jump shooting.

Next, the coach sucks. Sorry, but you played 4 games and there are still no adjustments with the lineup. Overrated wannabe tough guy POS fatass Perkins shouldnt be in the starting lineup against Miami.

And Westbrook needs to stop shooting the ball so much. There is no reason why Westbrook shoots more field goals than KD.

Like I said before. Defense always win games especially these grind out games. OKC hasn't been really challenged the whole post season until they met the Heat. The Heat had to go through 2 tough ass defensive team to get to the NBA finals. All OKC played against was offensive team that sucks on defense.

Edit: BTW, what bench is everyone talking about for OKC? I only see 2 good players for OKC and that is Harden and Collison. OKC only plays a 8 man rotation. That isn't deep at all. Even Miami crappy bench has a 9 man rotation (Cole, Miller, UD, Jones)