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Originally Posted by Swangin818 View Post
i appreciate the feed back, but i guess i worded it wrong. When i said financial issues everyone thought i was going bankrupt lol, but no what i meant was im making less money than i did before so maintaining the cl is fine for me for now , but as a daily i rather have something more frugal and cheaper. I was lucky enough to be in a position where i had enough money to pay the CL off but now as my income as decreased i simply want something cheaper for a day to day.
Do this:

1) sell the CL and loosen up some cash. The CL as a weekend car is losing value since it depreciates just sitting (it's not a collectible.) The CL will be worth less every year and if you aren't even driving it very often, then it is even worth less in respect to any use value. It's dead weight sucking up cash.

2) Take that cash and buy (no lease and no financing) a frugal car that is cheap to own, safe and comfortable to drive, but reliable (i.e., a Japanese car.) Don't worry what your friends say about what you drive. You will be one up on them eventually by having more money in the bank (which is all that really counts in the end.)

3) Get out of having payments on a 2010 BMW that you really don't need at this moment in your life. Take whatever financial hit you'll have to take, but get out of debt and out of the credit game.

4) Start saving now. Make a plan to have 4 years worth of 100% of your annual living expenses stashed away for a rainy day. Stash that in something that gains some interest (you need to fight inflation) but is readily available without any penalties. Once you have some excess cash, don't buy cars. Buy real estate and rent it out. Get cars later in your life and buy them only off of the profit from profits.