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Originally Posted by MA2-335 View Post
Thanks for the response and DIY Chriztofor

My car is fine now :-)

I decided to measure how much fluid I had in my oil pan (old oem fluid). I took out a little over 6.5 liters. So I drove my car until the engine oil was relatively warm. Put it on jack stands and raised the back of the car a little more. Checked the pan with a leveler. I ended up getting over 6.5 liters in total back into the tranny. I'm really happy I didn't have to take my car to the dealer or a tranny shop.

I drove it to warm it because my ATF pan wasnt warm when I started it for 10 mins last time.

It was my mistake for not measuring out how much fluid I took out. Hope no one makes the same mistake.

+1 for castrol multi-vehicle ATF
Glad it worked out! Getting the transmission oil warm enough (not scolding hot) is the tricky part, especially if you live in a cold climate or doing this in the winter time.
If no codes are being thrown use Chevron Techron fuel injector cleaner (concentrate). It solves rpm fluctuating upon cold start-up. Also, for most BMW problems start off by scanning your car with the Peake Research Tool. It contains the actual BMW codes. If you want to register a newly installed battery for free (just buy a $10 cable) and google/download BMWLogger