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Originally Posted by Technic
Originally Posted by sohcpunk View Post
Technic, if I am understanding you correctly, you say you run both input and output cables through the right side of the center console but output speaker cables would run under the driver's seat down the left side of the rear seat door trim and the input cables would run under the passenger seats down the right side the rear seat door trim?

The OP said he noticed he saw a large power cable running down the right side of the vehicle so wouldn't it be a better idea to run both input and output cables down the driver's side of the vehicle?
There is not that much space to run two thick cables on one side. So far no noise issues with this method.
Plenty of space. IF you want to pull up door sills and tuck under carpet. I know you can also "tuck" inder door sills in which case not as much space.

If anything i would run return (powered) lines under the right side