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Drives: 2012 Challenger RT Junk
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i feel "confident" that i can ride around in only a shirt, helmet and gloves.

where i live, there are 1 or 2 really nice open highways.

i typically take these 2 highways on the weekends when i ride to my dad's house on the weekend (wife drives my truck).

i ride very conservative - i'm a green rider, but i really respect this bike.

the fastest i have gone on ANY bike is only 90mph - and that was with the flow of traffic.

i don't go around corners dragging knee and i don't wide open throttle - EVER.

i do the speed limit while riding next to my wife and kids....

when i ride to my dad's house, i'm usually in 5th gear by the time i hit the speed limit.

and with this XB, i tend to skip gears as i'm upshifting to get into 5th gear faster lol.

first gear vrooooom, up shift up shift.......3rd gear vrooooooom, up shift up shift.......5th gear......

HAHA !!!!