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Engine Malfunction Message

I just got the "Engine Malfunction" message last night displayed on my iDrive. I was out grabbing some food and the drive there was okay, it was the initial crank (engine start) that was the problem. It was a tough crank with the car shaking while at idle. The message came on and the vehicle threw a CEL too. I drove it to auto zone to read the code and then turned the car off and then back on. The "engine malfunction" message went away but the CEL is still there even till this morning. I read up on HPFP problems and how it needs to be replace. It felt like my car was misfiring. Of course I contacted the dealers and will take it in. The car drove normal this morning and the message was gone but still have the CEL code. I am just wondering if this is an HPFP problem and if anyone else have had this same occurrences. I drive an 09 and know that up to 09's there are HPFP problems.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this in. Please move thread if necessary.