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Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post

Get that jacket when you can though.

The reason I asked my question is to instill awareness of all the possibilities on the road. If you ride prepared (i.e., with gear and as if every other idiot on the road is out to kill you) you'll get to do it for a lot longer than otherwise. Wearing proper gear is an extension of that attitude, which I think is important to survival as motorcyclist. You could be riding safe and at the speed limit etc., but it's not just about you on the road...

I got hit by a car at night on my way home from work once. It was just me and this other car on the road. I saw him making a left, then pausing as if he saw me (I flashed my highbeams at him), and as soon as I get in the intersection, he just goes! Gear definitely saved me a good amount of road rash and injuries in that one, although I still banged up my knee pretty bad - was wearing the riding jeans but they didn't have knee pads. Point of the story is I was aware, riding safely/not doing anything stupid, no one was around, etc., and it still happened.

Enjoy your ride man!
i appreciate the kind and encouraging words, my friend.

when i get on my bike and know i'm going on a long ride, i always feel nervous, which i take as a good thing.

last thing i want to feel is complacency - everytime i exit my subdivision and immediately jump onto the highway, i got my eyes in my rear view mirros and i'm constantly positioning myself away from cars.

i rarely go more than 30 seconds or so without looking in my mirrors and looking to each side of my while riding.

from my house to my dad's house is 21 miles, 18 of which are very long and very straight roads.

i always ride in the right lane, i still use my blinkers and i try to avoid the "car packs".

this bike won't ever see a race track and it won't ever see more than 90-100mph.

hell, i've had the bike for over a month and it hasn't even seen 7K rpms lol (redline on the XB).

..and no, this bike won't ever get ridden to work either HAHA !!! waaaay too much traffic when i get off.