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Originally Posted by luckyu View Post
These cars have headlight level sensors in the front and back suspension that when functioning correctly, automatically adjust your headlight level, even if you change the rake of the car with an upgrade.

The rear level sensor is easy to R&R incorrectly.
The sensor only adjust to changes in attitude WHILE DRIVING due to acceleration, braking, passenger or luggage load. They are not an "automatic aiming system that makes sure everything is right".

You must manually aim the lighting system properly on a level surface according to specifications like that found on Daniel Stern's site and the leveling system will maintain proper level while driving etc...

It is true that this system should help with a situation where suspension rake is caused by changes to spring lengths but I see most posters here giving far too much credit to "automatic" systems and presuming they can solve world hunger when they're really far more simplistic than people think they are.

The R&R of the level sensors should absolutely be double checked in the case of the OP. Hopefully his problem is simple. Of course, that doesn't mean a full re-aim using proper procedures is a waste of time. Generally I find most manufacturers send out cars with the lights aimed too low for their protection (just like speedos read too fast, suspension is tuned to understeer etc...etc..)