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I had a great time with PCA at NJMP Thunderbolt June 15-16! A great bunch of guys who seemed to be named mostly John or Mike LOL. Hung out with Dale.B who was able to take some iPhone pics and vids for me. Dale is a great guy who has made the change from bikes to cars with a sweet 2008 e92 M3.

I ran with the black group solo. At first, I looked at the starting grid and realized, I'm in what has to be the SLOWEST car on the track! I thought oh no, what am I doing here. I'm going to be just pointing guys bye constantly. The vast majority of cars were GT3 or GT3RS that were modified. We had a Ferrari F360 Challenge car too.
It ended up that yes, I was passed MANY more times than I passed people, but it wasn't bad at all. I would point bye about 4-5 cars and then have free running for a good number of laps.

Saturday, a guy in a modified Exige joined the run group. He had a modified exhaust that shot out 1 to 1-1/2' flames on decel. Looked fantastic from behind. He would start the session quicker than me and then mid way through I'd start to catch him, pass him and then leave him. Street tires even on a light weight car such as the Exige just didn't last compared to my BFG R1. I noticed he was running RE-11s and asked him if his tires when off. He said yes.

It was interesting because the BMWs were unique at the track. Both Dale and myself did get our fair share of admirers.

I ended up running a 1:37 before my R-comps gave up (10th track day on them). Not too bad for a 3,200lb street car with about 280-285hp. Many of the Porsche guys thought I was throwing the car around pretty well. Dale and another P-car guy were in the tower and were suprised how well the control tower watches EVERYONE on the track to make sure no one is doing anything wrong.

All in all, a fantastic time with near perfect weather (low 80's and sunny).
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