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Originally Posted by Beyu View Post
I'm not surprised, this is exactly what I mean when I say they don't want to be competitive. A year ago when I was car shopping I was interested in a either a current MY TT-S or S4 but the Audi dealership just didn't want to play ball and instead were marking up both cars.

PS: I've gotten a C63 AMG lease quote for around $9xx/month before, $9xx for an S4 is just insane.
This was exactly my experience with Audi. You walk into their dealership and they act like you need to beg them for service. When it comes to pricing they flat out said they don't discount from msrp I was speechless when i heard that. For a lease you will always pay more for an Audi even if the car cost the same as Bmw or MB since they don't hold their value as well and the customer has to pay for that in the monthly payment.