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Originally Posted by idnan View Post
AP, have you got a link for the alcantara cleaning product? My BMW performance wheel is over a year old and I've tried to stay on top with the cleaning but I've neglected it for a while and it looks a bit manky at the mo
I dont bud, What I can suggest though, is if you google Alcantara the website for the company Alcantara SPA has some great cleaning advice on there. As far as I know, You want to rub it down with a coth damped with water, dry and brush to fluff. But for stronger stains you can use, APC and careful blotch any stains and then run over with a damp water coth.

these should remove 90% of your stains, should you have any. As there is also reccomendations for different chemicals for different stains.

However, The perk i was reffering to is a dry clean chemical used by dry cleaners, In which case you would have to take the wheel to a dry cleaner for spot treatment. ( but this is worst case scenario)

Also check over on detailingworld for some handy advice.

Oh heck look ill find the link for you hang.

Also there are vids online for maintenance on the performance wheel.... Or failing this you could always sell it to me