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Originally Posted by wisesoul View Post
I agree with you on that. That's exactly why I kept mine, (although its the B7 Sedan) the RS4 just has qualities that are timeless. The gearbox, brakes, and motor all work in harmony. And it sounds damn amazing WOT. It's a shame about the new RS4 not being as good as expected, I had high hopes for it. This vid makes me want to go and drive my car now and appreciate what Audi has done. But my god the new RS4 looks beautiful. Best looking wagon on the market.
Mine was the sedan too. Watching the video makes me regret giving it up. It's already a classic. You should keep yours as long as possible.

I had a feeling the new RS4 would underwhelm after the disappointing release of the RS5 (which I also had high hopes for).