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Ever since my warranty expired, I feel like I've had nothing but bad service. Twice they've tried to sell me new tires when the current tires are in fine shape. Eventually I took my car to New Country BMW in Hartford and they verified that the tires were in good shape.

Recently took my car in for service because the hood sensor was malfunctioning and the car kept reporting that the hood was unlatched while I was driving. I took it to BMW North Haven figuring it would be a fast fix. They quoted me a $1000+ repair bill and charged me $130 to diagnose the problem. They said the sensor and CAS module needed to be replaced. I ended up declining service and taking my car to AMW Foreign Car Service in New Haven. The mechanic there was friendly and fixed the problem for free having discovered that the sensor was just out of alignment with the hood. He said he could replace it down the road if it acted up again but it's been a few days and no problems so far.

One of my co-workers has also had terrible experiences with the service department trying to sell him things he doesn't need. Ultimately it seems like they just want to get your money. I've been regular customers of three dealerships over the years in Louisville, Houston, and now Connecticut. North Haven is the first time I felt like I couldn't trust what my service advisor was saying.