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Originally Posted by csween86 View Post
I am a big skeptic of this issue my friend. I made a post on this issue at one point. I brought my 135i in for it's first service a while back, and the service rep told me they had to do an update to the DME but never gave me a straight answer why.... I will admit afterwards my car did not feel less powerful in the long run, but my throttle response became weaker on the low end and my exhaust note completely changed... It used to growl (burble), especially when the revs would fall(decompression) ... I might be crazy but to this day I'm convinced that BMW might have accidentally added the ppk to some factory cars and then realized it, and inconspicuously removed it.....
Wouldn't surprise me. They detuned our N54s way back when after we had them for a few months. eventually they admitted it, but claimed it was to reduce rattle which it ofcourse never did. Now that we have tunes around, who gives a rat's ass what they do, I have been getting all the juice I can handle out of mine for the last couple years.
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