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I was an early adopter to the depo headlights, guess it was the V1??. With the original depo 35w bulbs/ballest, it flickered like crazy, gave me error codes at every use and one headlight even shuts off if the weather is cold. I've only been driving around for one day with my retrofitted depos using 55w bulbs and 50w canbus ballest, but I am not using any error cancellers and the lights are not flickering at all and so far, no error code. No coding was done either. Don't know if it's because of going to 55w or because of the canbus ballest, just happy about no errors.

Need to get some black tape to put on top of the light for that bit of bleed through. Had to remove the original tape when I baked the headlights open. These pictures were taken with my Droid razr maxx. In person the HID's at the headlight on the pattern look straight up white to me and the angel eyes look mostly white with a tinge of blue.

My driveway is not flat

Not perfect, but close enough for me. Far better than the original depo projector and angel eyes that were on there. My passenger side adjuster did pop out though, so gonna have to see about getting that back in and then try to adjust the pattern some more. I think the hotspots are because of the base on the Morimoto bulbs and that can be taken cared of...easily....I think...

I don't think I am blinding anyone, but people are staring at my lights a lot. I thought one person was flashing me or maybe he went over a speed bump. Looking at my beam, I'd think it's not aimed high enough.