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Alpina D3 software on 120d or 320d E90

Hi guys,

I am posting this new thread because I need to share with you my experience with the Alpina software in these 4-cylinder turbodiesel engines. As you probably know in the earlier stage the 120d and 320d were rated with 120 kW power. In classic SP-Daten for WinKFPt I have found the Alpina D3 software (in year range 2006 - 2007 were Alpina D3 engines single turbo) which actually fits into the ECUs of the mentioned diesel engines. Power output should be somewhere 140 - 147 kW (in SP-Daten is marked with 140 kW but official Alpina info is 147 kW).
I am personally driving petrol 6 cylinder but some of my friend convinced me to flash their 120d/320d ecu with this software.
And here are the results:
- no problems detected in immediate diagnostics, no problem detected in 2 weeks later diagnostics
- no problems detected in the engine behaviour or other parts of the vehicle
- no problems detected in indash control lights
- bigger power output was significantly recognizable after first flooring of throttle
- turbo kicks in classic 1800 rpm as the original software but this kick is much stronger than before
- engine is able to run till 5000 rpm without any sign of power loss
- engine runs acousticly very smoothly
- software can be used only with equipped particle filter system
- vehicle itself is much faster than before

So it looks very good on the first and second look after two weeks. My friend has proper instructions to monitor the car behaviour and in case of any problem we are going back to original 120 kW software.
If someone wants to try as well you can find the Alpina D33 software in E89/data/DDE604 folder with assembly number 7811922.
Theoretically software can be used also with 118d and 318d 90 kW versions.
I will keep you informed.