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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
what page number is that "guide" to BMW setups on?
from the source, aka, JBL, at

Originally Posted by Andy Wehmeyer
Connect the front speakers to outputs 1 and 2. Connect the under-seat woofers to outputs 3 and 4. Connect the rear speakers to outputs 5 and 6. Then, choose "none" for subs. Identify the front as 2-way. Choose 30Hz as the subsonic filter, 12dB/octave. Choose 200Hz as the front hi/low crossover, 24db/octave. Choose 100Hz 24 dB/octave for sides. No rear.

Then, use the subwoofer level control in MS-8 to boost the bass. This will provide good midbass, an appropriate crossover for the front mids and the ability to adjust the low bass as if you had a sub.

I've done this many times in 3-series BMWs and it works great.
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