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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
i would think that the ms-8 would not have sufficient power for the morels. minimum i'd say is 50w so 18w would not be enough to make the morels worth the addition
I ran the OEM speakers off the MS-8 and it worked and sounded better than the OEM hi fi amp.

I then upgrade to Morel HO in the doors, still running off the MS8 and it really didn't improve much over the OEM speakers (gasp!) -- which means the MS8 really couldn't power them to their potential.

I added an amp (see sig) and it was awesome.

If the OP can't afford amp+speakers+MS8 all at once, I would recommend:

1. MS-8 now
2. amp+speakers later


1. amp+speakers now
2. MS-8 later

but I would NOT recommend

1. MS8+speakers now
2. amp later

not because it sounds bad, but the speakers are mostly wasted without decent amplification, and the MS8 amps are really designed to drive easy-to-power OEM speakers, not high quality after market speakers.
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