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Originally Posted by Dannyrado View Post
Well, you'll be pleased to know i've finally bought one.

Started the day by phoning the independant dealer that i'd arranged (last night) with to pop over and view the M3 of my dreams, my perfect spec. Only for him to tell me that someone had put a 500 deposit on it 10 mins ago. Don't know whether it was all bollocks to be honest but hey ho, car was sold.

So i went to work instead, sulking.

Then i decided to check bmw for an AUC, like i have done many, many times, never found an E46 M3 on there in the months i've been searching... But today was different, today there was an AUC in a dealer not 40mins away, not too bad a price either.

So in the car i get, rush over there and i've bought it, nothing like the spec i wanted, in fact almost exactly the spec i didn't want, but an AUC warranty, at a fair price, with simply LOADS of work being done to prep her to AUC standards, and i couldn't leave it there.

Happy overall. Can't wait for next week.

Congrats Danny-Boy!! Spill the beans!!
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