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Added the AE Performance Exhaust

I posted this in the N55 forum (2012 335xi), but thought y'all might want my experience too.

The fit and finish are excellent. It comes in 5 pieces with 4 gaskets (reuse you gaskets at the DPs). This thing went on like cake. First time ever doing the install and maybe spent 3 hours. Hardest part was getting the old exhaust out of the rubber hangers.

Adds a bit of torque and hp, but not that I could honestly feel.

Drops 24# off the car. Again, not enough for me to tell.

Has a great throaty note during start and warmup.

Adds low end growl.

Removes secondary cats.

I can sometimes here the turbo.

Costs more than the 35is exhaust that I just spent two weeks driving in Europe and absolutely love the sound of.

Sounds like drone at 2,200 rpm and it just sits there, bothering me.

No gurgle what-so-ever.

This is on an 335xi, so maybe it would sound different on the 'i'. But, I wish I spent the money on the OEM PE or 'is' exhaust, or even just spent about the same amount for dinan and added 90 ft# of torque.

So, there ya go. My $0.02 on this product.

I mounted my GoPro to the rear left quarter panel, but the wind noise out-competes the exhaust. I moved the camera into the cabin, under the sunroof, but it couldn't pick up enough sound. I'll try to post it later anyway.
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