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Originally Posted by fradzz View Post
Old thread, but I'm trying to come up to speed here and there's a lot of info to take in here.
You still around and in Dade County?
I'm going to continue reading this post as I'm reading posts from 2010 and there's lots of pages left, but to learn coding, that's the ticket!
I'll be better versed on the subject soon. I'm new to the blog and would like to start friending members who are in the same general Bimmer area (3's).
I'm in Atlanta and drive an 06 330i (white with (dark) dakota inside) that's still factory everything. Simply one of the greatest cars ever. Ever.
Yeah I'm from broward county just north from dade. You're better off reading the DIY and going as far as you can on your own as possible then come back here and search when you get stuck on something. It'll save you loads do time since most of the things posted in this thread are simple problems.

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