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Originally Posted by Inter Alia View Post
I'd appreciate second opinions on this.

My BMW mechanic replaced my lifters many months back after I heard the same metallic ticking heard in the video below. The noise then went away. It eventually came back though. I don't hear it often, but it is the same metallic ticking sound I heard before my lifters were replaced.

The same BMW mechanic tells me I don't have to do anything about it this time around. He says there is no danger to my car because the sound comes from an air pocket (I don't drive much, so the mechanic says that makes the occurrence of an air pocket, and hence the sound, more likely). The mechanic says he can replace the lifters again, and if he does so, he'll also replace the rocker arms and give me a new valve cover gasket (he has never replaced either of those latter parts).

My car is no longer under warranty. The repair cost isn't prohibitive, but isn't dirt cheap either. Is this something I should definitely replace right away because it poses a danger to my car? And if I have these three things replaced, what is the confidence level that this issue will be finally resolved? Or, are these repairs unnecessary, assuming I can live with the intermittent ticking noise?

The only real fix if to replace the cylinder head. If you're out of warranty that means about $6,000. However, some people still have the same issue after. Not a lot, but some.