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1)Jack car and place on stands.
2)Take off front bumper using T30, 8mm, 10mm socket wrench. Search in forum for details on how to do this. Set bumper face down on a large towel
3)Take out the 8mm bolts holding the fog light in the housing on each side.
4)Use a flat head screw driver to release the tabs holding the mesh grill in place and pull out grill from the tabs.
5)Use a box cutter or razor to cut the plastic that is holding the housing onto the front bumper. Its easiest to cut the top and bottom 1/3 of the plastic horizontally leaving the middle 1/3. Pry the plastic off with a large flat head screw driver and needle nose pliers. The pic below shows the 4 plastic attachments holding the housing on the bumper. The top left one in the pic is already removed.
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