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6)Using the tin snips now lay a piece of the mesh in place and begin trimming the mesh around the tabs. Make sure you leave enough overlap of the mesh to go about inch beyond the edge of the opening. Also make sure you use gloves as these edges get very sharp. Make certain that you cut the mesh close to the tabs and pry the tabs back a bit to allow the mesh to wedge into the tabs for a secure fit.
7)Use a the butt end of the large flat screw driver or a rubber mallet to beat the mesh down a bit to get it flush with the edge of the opening and mold the mesh along the curve of the old fog light opening.
8)Drill small pilot holes at the corners of the openings. I drilled small pilot holes at the BASE of some of the tabs to allow for wire attachments of the mesh to the tabs. Spray paint the wire spool gloss black and let dry.
9)While the paint is drying take out the fog light switch from your dash. This pulls out easily but its best to take out the top air vent first then pry the switch out. Depress the tab holing the wire in place and rotate the grey connector to the side to remove the switch from the cable. Pry the tabs loose with the screw driver to remove the switch from its housing and then do the same for the tabs at the back of the switch. Remove the back of the switch and the circuit board. There is a little white piece of plastic that is responsible for turning on/off the switch on the circuit board. Remove it.
10)Now the switch will no longer turn on the fog lights. I did this because I did NOT want a valet somewhere one day pressing the fog light button and starting a fire since I will be leaving the fog light bulbs installed but tucked away.
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