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11)Place a paper clip and bend it in a “U” shape to give the switch a springy feel but not allowing it to work. Place a piece of electrical tape to hold it in place. Next wedge a small piece of balsa wood on top of that and cover with electrical tape. This now allows the button that controls the fog light to be slightly depressed and feel springy but not rattle around with driving even though it does not work and internal piece is removed.
12)Leave the fog light bulbs in place in the socket and wrap LOOSELY with Duct tape in case you ever want to restore your fog lights to factory look. Wrap that with Aluminum foil. Wrap that with electrical tape. I did this just to be anal retentive if a short circuit were to ever occur and start a fire at least I have some fire retardant barrier. This should be water tight as well. Fish the wrapped bulb through the hole underneath the headlights. (this is for headlamp washer which our cars do not have). Zip tie securely so that it doesn’t rattle around while driving.
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