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Originally Posted by veloearl View Post
I have a June 2010 E92 with the Professional Stereo, USB/Aux interface, and BT-capable MULF in the trunk. Trying the BT retrofit. Read everything I could find.

Bought cable, downloaded software, updated Daten to v45.

Added $644 to the VO and did FA_WRITE to CAS and NFRM. Subsequently, when I access the VO, it shows this option listed.

Tried to activate the three Bluetooth values mentioned in the various threads, but my car has a 2URAD instead of a 2RAD. Reading that module results in an error. Tried activating the values anyway, as they were present in the resulting .TRC file that was created. Changed them to aktiv, saved it as .MAN, but writing the module results in an error.

I have tried both Expertmode, and Revtor's NCS Export profiles with same results.

I have seen that this error is common with 2URAD, and that adding $644 to the VO is enough; no additional coding required. However, that doesn't seem to be the case for my car. After letting the car sleep (as much as an hour), when I turn it on, no TEL option is present when pressing the Menu button on the stereo.

I haven't done any of the wiring yet, because I wanted to confirm I could active the feature before going any further. My understanding is that is OK

Any ideas?
This has been discussed here before: you need a different (and much more expensive) OBDII cable to code the 2URAD.