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Originally Posted by Masterplan View Post
Guys thanks very much for the detailed advice! Really appreciate it given it's a lot of money to spend, and there is so much out there.

It's funny you said not to buy Alpinestars because of the name. I funnily enough decided to look at Alpinestars because it's a tried and tested brand with plenty of people who vouch for them.

I had planned to go with the following, or similar price ranges:





And then buy waterproofs to go over them if it did rain. that I've read the comments here, there's clearly more to it than just brand name shopping and sticking with A-Stars.

This might sound silly, but I want to look good in what I wear. I often see guys with bikes that look unbelievable, then the riders look scruffy. It just doesnt match the bike. I'm 22, I'm young enough to pull it off haha!

Anyone got any suggestions on what I should be looking at? Or is what I detailed above in the right ballpark?
I think just like any brand, the entry level Alpinestars stuff offers very limited protection. Their technical level gear is very good stuff, and I've wrecked on the track in an Astars suit with no issues. But you pay nearly the same price as Dainese for the higher end Astars gear